BASR’s Head of Occupational Therapy Dept. Participates in a Stroke Conference Print

BASR’s head of occupational therapy department, Mr. Samir Bannura, participated in a 3-day research based conference on “Improving Patients’ Lives Following a Stroke” in Sweden, organized by Sunnass Rehabilitation Hospital with the support of Karolinska Institutet, Spinals Foundation and Rehab Station Stockholm, in which 22 specialists participated comprising doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists and nurses from 7 stroke research member states including Palestine, China, Russia, United States, Norway, Sweden and Israel.
The conference included collective case presentations by the participants on their experiences regarding different aspects of stroke and the effects on the stroke population, in addition to the possibilities and limitations of helping the patients to improve the quality of their lives.
Mr. Bannura presented a stroke related research to the participants, stating “despite difficulty in reaching certain patients due to the prevailing political conditions and cultural barriers in Palestine, we found that the psychological aspect is substantial to the patient with disability in consistence with cultural diversities; therefore, it’s important to link the rehabilitation setting with the patients’ home environment. It’s also important to continuously upgrade the skills and expertise of professionals managing stroke patients”.
At the end of the conference, the participants confirmed their willingness to continue the research process for another year, before determining the major progress of the researches, which aim at finding the best mechanisms for improving patients’ quality of life.