Thursday, 21 Nov 2019
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Dear friends,

We, at Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (BASR), believe that if all people are to achieve fullness in life, we need to reach out and encourage them to use and maximize their potential.


Having a person with disability is, without any doubt, an instability factor for the family and the community in general. Such presence could affect positively or negatively all aspects of an individual’s life: social, economical, emotional and psychological. Our mission is to promote the human rights perspective to disability, changing negative societal attitudes towards persons with disabilities, as they are human beings with great potential, able to bring development to their society, if given the appropriate and accessible environment as well as equal opportunities for full participation in society as other citizens.


Over the course of 50 years, BASR’s services have touched the lives of thousands of beneficiaries especially those with different types of disability throughout Palestine, providing them with a wide range of comprehensive specialized medical, rehabilitation, psychosocial, educational, vocational and recreational services of the highest quality possible, at an attempt to

improve the quality of their life and promote their successful inclusion into society.

We would like to introduce our work to you. We hope you will feel the enthusiasm we have for the future in terms of the growth of our existing services and also the development of new innovative programs that will impact the lives of many more of our beneficiaries. The organizational development process, initiated lately at BASR, aims at promoting reflection,

organizational learning and constant improvement at both the beneficiary and organizational level.


Equally, we do hope you will sense the underlying philosophy of our work here: “inclusive development based on a human rights approach to disability”. Although we find ourselves in the heart of one of the most troubled areas of the world, we hope that through our work and partnership with national and international communities, we can make one of those small gestures that make a difference.



Edmund Shehadeh

General Director