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Help BASR Continue to Restore Lives and Communities

Since BASR opened its doors in 1960, donations from supporters have helped our not-for-profit organization provide treatment to more than 900,000 children and adults.

Your gift enables BASR to expand and enhance services for children and adults, provide treatment for those without insurance or other means to pay, and open new community-based programs to improve access to care.

Ongoing financial support allows us to pioneer new practices that make the recovery process more effective and to take the lead in:

•   Testing treatment outcomes to continually improve BASR’s programs and sharing best practices nationally

•   Initiating partnerships to develop supportive living, training and treatment programs for individuals, thereby ensuring a successful return to the community

•   Partnering with community groups and schools to provide prevention programs for our children

In short, your contribution can help BASR Rehab to change and improve lives, resulting in healthier families, workplaces and communities.  We salute special friends like you, whose generosity of spirit moves you to sustain our mission.



For  donation:




Europe Arab Bank plc

35 Park Lane


London W1K 1RB


Tel: +44 (0)20 7355 8230

Fax: +44 (0)20 7499 4193


Account Name:  Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation

Account No. 1002-624407


IBAN for Euro Payments: GB09 ARAB 6083 0962 4407 04

IBAN for GBP Payments: GB90 ARAB 6083 0962 4407 01

IBAN for USD Payments: GB63 ARAB 6083 0962 4407 02

IBAN for SWISS FRANC Payments: GB95 ARAB 6083 0962 4407 08

IBAN for NORWEGIAN KRONER Payment: GB36 ARAB 6083 0962 4407 03





Bank of America

P O Box 37176

San Francisco, CA 94137-0176


Tel: 559 486 2251

Fax: 559 225 0640



Name of Account Holder: Bethlehem Arab Society for Physically Handicapped

Account No. 0004986 00256

Routing Number: 026009593 (wires)





Arab Bank

Manager St. Bethlehem

Tel: 00972 277 00 80


Beneficiary Name: Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation

Swift: ARABPS22050

Account No. 701800

Bank Number: 49

Branch Number: 853


IBAN for NIS Payments: PS43 ARAB 0000 0000 9050 7018 0057 0

IBAN for USD Payments: PS14 ARAB 0000 0000 9050 7018 0051 0





Al-Ahli Bank

Manager St. Bethlehem


Beneficiary Name: Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation

Swift: JONBPS22

Account No. 401870

Bank Number: 43

Branch Number: 844


Through (Intermediate Bank):

Al-Ahli Bank Main Branch - Amman Jordan


IBAN for Euro Payments: PS59JONB084404018700050021000

IBAN for USD Payments:  PS07JONB084404018700020021000

IBAN for NIS Payments:   PS89JON0B84404018700030021000




Please send us a notification of your donation to   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation is a not-for-profit organization that relies on your continued interest and financial support.


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