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Ghirass Children’s Cultural Center
ghirass This center serves a large number of school age children and
young people in the Bethlehem district, including those with
special needs, ranging between five to fourteen years of age.
It aims at promoting child rights and enhancing children
and young people’s optimum development, particularly the
culturally disadvantaged, by providing opportunities for self
expression and personality growth through a wide range of
physical, educational, cultural, social as well as recreational and
leisure activities.
The Community Based Rehabilitation
(CBR) Program
cbr1 This program is based on a people centered approach that aims
at meeting the needs of persons with disabilities to enable them
to become as self-sufficient and independent as possible within
their own social context, promoting their rights and facilitating
their successful inclusion into society, mobilizing community

The CBR program seeks to empower and support persons
with disabilities, their families and organizations to become
self advocates, and also to influence legislation and policies.
The CBR workers train and encourage the family and the
community to take a leading role in the rehabilitation process,
fostering positive attitudes towards disability and emphasizing
the principles of equal opportunities and social justice.
The Psychosocial Intervention Program
sychosocial1 It is a preventive and therapeutic program that renders
therapeutic intervention to traumatized, abused and neglected
children as well as children with disabilities and their families,
victims of the ongoing conflict, through individualized and
group therapeutic interventions, in addition to other needed
The preventive component of the psychosocial program
encompasses pedagogical and play activities organized at the
toy libraries of the community centres for all children with and
without disabilities ages 3-12.
It aims at promoting children’s psychosocial well being and
optimal development, helping them develop their own healing
mechanisms through free play and recreational activities in a
safe and enriching environment.
The Community Day-Care Centers

The community day-care centres, founded in cooperation
with local committees in the villages and refugee camps of the
Bethlehem district, serve children and youth with disabilities,
ages 3 to 16, providing them with special educational
intervention through individualized and interactive teaching
approaches to prepare them for inclusion into the regular
education system and into community at large, promoting
the rights of persons with disability through awareness and
advocacy activities as well as various integrated educational,
cultural, social, drama, arts, sports, play and recreational
activities they periodically carry out.
They also render regular educational services to preschool
children in their kindergartens as well as primary school
children in their primary classes, where children with disabilities
are included to learn alongside their peers at an early age and
participate in all activities, in addition to low achieving pupils
from the surrounding regular schools.



“From Inclusion in Education to Inclusive Education”