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The Rheumatology Clinic
rheumatology This clinic renders diagnostic and treatment services to patients suffering from chronic rheumatic inflammatory diseases, degenerative arthritis, and musculoskeletal disorders including different types of disc problems.
The Traumatology & Orthopedic Department
traumatology This department renders diagnostic and treatment services to most
orthopedic and traumatic patients. Through its well qualified orthopedic
surgeons, it is capable of performing the most complicated orthopedic
operations such as total joint replacement of the hip and the knee. BASR
has also strengthened its pediatric orthopedic diagnostic and treatment
services to encompass functional surgery for children with disabilities,
the management of congenital skeletal malformation as well as spinal
deviations and other pediatric bone pathologies. These services are
also complemented by close post-operative care by our experienced
physiotherapists to optimize patients’ functional abilities.
The Cardiology clinic
This clinic offers diagnostic and therapeutic cardiovascular services to
in and out-patients. These services include: E.C.G, Holter monitoring,
echo cardiography, treadmill (exercise) test and tilt test.
Endoscopy Unit (Gastroenterology)
endoscopy unit This unit renders Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy procedures
for disease prevention, early detection and intervention. It aims
at improving patients’ quality of life, saving lives in acute cases
and preventing the delay in diagnosis of Gastroenterological
The Osteoporosis Prevention, Diagnostic,
treatment and Research Center


It provides diagnostic, treatment and regular follow up services
to patients with osteoporosis. It functions in cooperation with
the Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society (POPS),
embarking on awareness and educational campaigns for the
prevention and management of osteoporosis for different age
groups as well as conducting related research studies.

Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U)
uci1 Intensive care services are rendered to patients through a
qualified medical team supported by advanced equipment for
acute care.
The Ophthalmology Department This department provides quality medical and surgical services
in the following fields:

• Cornea and anterior segment: Our department leads
in diagnosing and treating corneal diseases, corneal
transplantation and refractive surgery procedures using the
LASIK and PRK techniques. Our cornea service includes
also amniotic membrane and stem cells transplantation for
treating severe ocular surface conditions.


 • Cataract surgery is performed using the suture less
Phacoemulsification procedure with foldable intraocular
lens implantation. YAG Laser is used in cases of secondary
opacification of posterior capsule.


 • In the pediatric ophthalmology field, we are leading the
treatment of childhood cataracts with implantation of
intraocular lenses and the management of childhood
glaucoma. The services’ scope includes diagnosis and
treatment of congenital ocular malformations, genetic
diseases, strabismus and amblyopia, retinopathy of
prematurity and all varieties of ocular diseases in children.


 • The First Eye Bank in Palestine is located at BASR and is
designed to provide a regular supply of locally donated
corneas as well as imported ones if necessary to help
children and adults suffering from corneal diseases.


 • Diabetic Eye Clinic is run by well trained doctors for treating
the diabetic eye diseases with Laser Photocoagulation and
Avastin intraocular injections.

oculoplastic clinic eye

• Oculoplastic Clinic provides surgical correction of orbital,
lid malformations and tumors.


• Uveitis Clinic is the only clinic in the West Bank for treating
patients with inflammation of the ureal system of the eye.


E.N.T. Services



This section has the most advanced diagnostic and surgical E.N.T
instruments and equipment including all E.N.T endoscopes
for the nose, paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx, larynxes and
upper esophagus as well as a radiofrequency apparatus for the
coblation operations. The fully and well equipped outpatient
clinic with its microscope and flexible endoscopes receives
E.N.T patients daily providing them with quality diagnostic
and treatment services.

For the first time in Palestine we are in the process of performing
these surgeries and implants: Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Middle
Ear Surgery, Cochlear Implant, Advanced Meuno Physiology
in Andolog Ward of Cochlear Implant, and new specialty in
Speech Therapy ward for Cochlear Implant.


Other Surgical Services



• Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery
• Urological Surgery and Endoscopic Surgery
• General Surgery including Laparoscopic Surgery


The Radiology Department



This department facilitates diagnostic and therapeutic
procedures and supports the medical and rehabilitation
services that BASR renders to in and out-patients.
It is equipped with a Radio-Fluoroscopy System, a plain
Radiographic System and a sophisticated Ultrasound System
that also includes Vascular Doppler. BASR has introduced
the 64 MULTI SLICE Light Speed VCT which is one of the
latest innovation in CT technology, ushering the new era in CT
navigation and virtual endoscopy imaging.
The Light Speed VCT performs a complete coronary and
arterial angiography within five heartbeats (five seconds) as
well as dental scanning.
It also scans the standard organic examinations of the brain,
chest, abdomen, spine, colon and lung airways and has the
ability to deliver wide anatomical coverage and high resolution
imaging simultaneously from head to toes in about 30


Support Services


  1. Emergency Unit
  2. Laboratory
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Plaster room