Thursday, 21 Nov 2019
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Our Mission


BASR is a national development NGO functioning as a resource center, empowering people with disabilities, offering them pioneer health and rehabilitation services and provide the Palestinian community with professional specialized medical services from a human rights and inclusive development perspectives.



Principles and Values that lead BASR:

The work of BASR is lead by a net of values and principles as follows:

1. Participation and partnership: BASR works to promote its relations with the public and emphasizes the principle of partnership, both with target groups or with stakeholders, in all aspects of the work of the society, including the planning and development of programs and projects and evaluate the work of the organization in general or evaluate its projects.

2. Uphold the Integrity principles:  BASR works on strengthening and enhancing its systems of transparency, accountability and participation, apply these systems and be devoted to good governance practices, in compliance with the code of conduct for civil work.

3. Effective communication: BASR management and staff ensure that the relationships with the public and all parties are based on mutual respect and partnerships.

4. High professionalism in services: the society makes sure that the professional services are provided with high quality to all of its beneficiaries regardless of their sex, religion, or social class; this includes medical services, rehabilitation and empowerment.

5. Supporting and enhancing the staff:  the board members are committed to supervising hiring good staff and providing capacity building opportunities for them, in addition to providing adequate working environment to ensure high job satisfaction.

6. Appreciation: the BASR management works on encouraging appreciation and mutual respect among the employees and among its different bodies, it also ensures that the relationship while dealing with the beneficiaries and partners is based on mutual appreciation and respect.

7. Motivation: It is crucial to enhance the sense of ownership and belongingness towards their work in order to feel that what they are doing is of high human value. BASR also works to achieve job security to the employees through an effective incentives system.

8. Quality Assurance: BASR works based on a quality assurance system in its work through an organized process of monitoring and evaluation through its various interventions it conducts.