Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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BASR’s Medical Team Copes with Daily Severe Injuries Following an Israeli Assault on Gaza and the West Bank PDF Print E-mail


With the exacerbating Israeli brutal assault on Gaza strip, reaching its 19th day, over 1000 people were killed and more than 6000 were injured; most of them are children and women targeted by the Israeli heavy ammunition and bombardment on around 4303 civilian buildings including houses, mosques, schools and health centers, according to Palestinian local press.




The inhuman bloodshed in Gaza strip has also spread to the West Bank, causing daily clashes between unarmed Palestinian citizens and the Israeli soldiers at the checkpoints that obstruct the freedom of movement. During the last 24 hours, 9 unarmed citizens from different parts of the West Bank were shot dead, some by the Israeli soldiers and others by settlers.

In this context, Palestinian public and private hospitals in the Bethlehem district, under the auspices of the Governor of Bethlehem, declared the emergency state in response to the escalating violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where it has been agreed that BASR is to receive the most complicated injuries among children and adults in need of reconstructive surgeries, neurosurgeries and other surgeries / interventions to be provided with the needed surgical intervention, rehabilitation services and technical devices as well as psychosocial services at its specialized rehabilitation and surgery hospital, given the growing number of daily injuries mostly targeted with life and rubber bullets on the upper part of the body.

Consequently, BASR has raised the level of preparedness to meet all urgent needs including referrals from Gaza Strip. In the past few days, BASR received more than 16 severely injured people and provided them with the needed medical treatment and surgical intervention.

One of such injuries arrived to BASR’s specialized hospital at 06:30 am. of last Wednesday July 23rd, 2014. It was a 20 year old young man from Husan village, called Muhammad Hamamra, having a fatal head injury by live emunitian, shot earlier by Israeli soldiers during clashes in Husan village. Muhammad was placed in the ICU for observation, before he passed away later that night.




One of the injured received at BASR’s specialized hospital was a human rights activist working at the Independent Commission for Human Rights. He was shot with live emunitians during a peaceful demonstration in Bethlehem. “I was standing and holding a Palestinian flag when the Israeli sniper shot me directly in the leg”, said the human rights activist, a father of three girls.

Another was a young man from Teqou village, who was shot in his forehead with a rubber bullet while leaving the mosque after evening prayers. The Israeli soldiers were waiting for the Palestinian worshipers and started shooting randomly, injuring him and two other persons.

With the escalation of violence and the growing number of injured citizens, BASR’s multidisciplinary team makes unremitting efforts to meet the urgent needs of the Palestinian population as much as possible.

Where Gaza lies in ruins and its people are still besieged, BASR urges the international community to act immediately to ensure a comprehensive ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, to protect civilians on all sides, and to address the growing humanitarian crisis. Only through robust international action and oversight can the bloodshed be stopped, especially with such blatant Israeli violations of all human rights conventions.