Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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Mohammad Finds His Way to a Decent Job at BASR PDF Print E-mail


Mohammad, 23 years old with hearing impairment, delicately organizes the medical reports and patients’ files on the shelves and hands over all the documents needed on and on to his colleagues at the reception area of the outpatient clinics of BASR’s specialized rehabilitation and surgery hospital in Beit-Jala. Mohammad has been working at BASR in a full time job as an archive employee since few months. “I know that I’m still new here, but it is highly promising to feel that you’re a part of a productive team work”, said Mohammad while calming down and seeing patients waiting for their doctor in a queue.


Mohammad was born with a severe hearing loss; and at the age of nine years, he underwent several middle ear surgeries. Afterwards, he attended speech therapy sessions for around four years to improve his receptive and expressive language until his language abilities became consistent with his age. He was enrolled at Paul VI Catholic School for pupils with hearing impairment In Bethlehem until he completed tenth grade, after which he had to continue with self study, because at that time regular schools were not inclusive of pupils with disabilities in Palestine.


After completing high school, Mohammad obtained a diploma in office equipment maintenance at a vocational training centre but could not find a job. However, through BASR’s economic empowerment program for persons with disabilities, he was offered the opportunity he was long striving for, the opportunity of having equal access to a decent job. In no time, Mohammad has proved his productivity and efficiency at work and is respected and appreciated by all his colleagues. “I’m glad to start my career at such a distinguished organization, where I have been recruited not because of my disability but rather my abilities”, said Mohammad with a small grin. “I wish every organization in Palestine becomes as accessible as BASR for persons with different types of disabilities, which will decrease the unemployment rate among persons with disabilities and pave the way for a better future for all”, he added.