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BASR’s Team Organizes Awareness Raising Activities on Inclusive Education during the Global Action Week PDF Print E-mail


As part of the Global Campaign on Education global action week (GAW) in May 2014, BASR’s team organized awareness raising activities on inclusive education at two public primary schools in underprivileged villages, in Wad-Rahal in the Bethlehem district and Al-Qom in the Hebron district, two days per school. The activities targeted 46 primary school students with and without disability as well as 24 of their teachers, aiming to introduce the concept of “Inclusive Education” under the theme “Great Things Happen in An Inclusive School”.

BASR’s team started their intervention with outdoor ice-breaking activities involving the students and their teachers at both schools. Then the team organized group work, introducing them to child rights using pictures that represented different aspects of the school environment, which they analyzed and linked to child rights. This activity helped both students and their teachers reach a common understanding of inclusive education and its implications.


Later on, the students drew a map of their school depicting all its aspects and facilities, followed by an open discussion about the main modifications needed to make their school accessible to students with different types of disabilities.


“I don’t like to play in the School yard and I wish to have more friends”, said Muhammad a third grade student with physical disability at Al-Qom Primary School, facing different barriers that prevent him from moving freely at school and force him to stay in the same classroom every school year, due to lack of physical accessibility.


At the social level, one of the participating teachers commented “The main reason for not accepting students with disabilities by their peers without disability is not the teachers or students negative attitudes, but rather the whole educational system / environment which is not adapted nor prepared for welcoming students with different types of disabilities”.


At the end, group sessions were held for teachers for introducing the role of teachers in promoting inclusion in public schools and the changes needed for making those schools more inclusive and accessible to students with disabilities in terms of the physical and social environment, the curriculum and teaching materials. “We always need such practical training in order to improve our skills for meeting the specific learning needs of students with disabilities”, commented an inclusive education teacher at Al-Qom Primary School.