Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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BASR’s Surgeons Perform Specialized Surgeries for Poor Patients with Cleft Palate Free of Charge PDF Print E-mail


With such strong collaboration and team work between BASR’s Surgeon Dr. Sayf Saed, an American Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Libby, and BASR’s nursing team, the medical team successfully transplanted a small bone taken from a young lady’s pelvis into her alveolus, in order to reconstruct the deformities in her cleft lip and palate, upon which she was referred to a dentist for teeth transplantation then for speech rehabilitation at BASR to decrease hypernasality and sound distortion. The young lady will be able to speak clearly, chew and smile comfortably, which will improve the quality of her life.

The 3 hour reconstructive surgery was one of several specialized surgeries performed free of charge for 14 poor clients with cleft palate, coming from different parts of the West Bank, throughout a one week period. The targeted clients were subjected to medical and social evaluation by BASR’s multidisciplinary team prior to the surgery to determine whether they could be potential candidates for the reconstructive surgeries of cleft palate.