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6 International Interns Share their Story at BASR PDF Print E-mail

In the beginning of 2014, BASR team welcomed 6 international students from Brussels Haute Ecole Paul-Henri Spaak (HEPHS) University departments of Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, a part of BASR’s annual internship program for academic and cultural exchanges with several international organizations and universities.“We chose to volunteer for three weeks at BASR, among several other internship opportunities worldwide such as Morocco, Switzerland, Spain and Senegal, offered by the HEPHS Nursing Department, due to our deep interest in the Palestine cause and the holy place of Bethlehem city, in addition to developing our knowledge and skills within BASR’s holistic approach”, commented Pertrand Van-Hulle, a senior student at HEPHS Physiotherapy Department. Lorna Frere, 22 years old, occupational therapy intern, said “We all noticed during our first days, the warm hospitality and great attention paid by BASR multidisciplinary team to the patients, motivating them towards therapy sessions”.In meanwhile, Jamil Biyond the nursing intern mentioned his observation on the strong relations between BASR’s Nursing staff and the patients with their families, besides of a high respect to the old people, adding “hospitals and health care centers in Belgium are more concerned about the rules, while BASR pays more attention to the patients’ wellbeing along with the healing process”.Alongside their intensive daily internship at BASR’s specialized hospital, the students had the opportunity to visit several Palestinian districts and to meet different local people, “We feel very welcomed in Palestine, and we were able to make a lot of friendships around here”, said Julian Shavagne, 21 years old, nursing intern. “In addition to our valuable program at BASR, we became more aware of the Palestinian culture, and we realize now that despite the Israeli constraints and the economic stagnation, Palestinians keep smiling and striving for better future”, said Pertrand Van-Hulle.