Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Training Workshop on Prevention and Intervention in Early Childhood Organized by BASR’s Psychosocial Program PDF Print E-mail

A young woman in France was recently subjected to two tragic incidents including losing her husband, who passed away of a brain hemorrhage on a soccer field, as well as facing a sudden shock of waiting to lose her child at age of two years because of Cancer, which was unexpectedly discovered in a routine medical test. Thus, a team of pediatric psychiatrists was formed to cope with the woman’s psychological reactions to her tragic situation. Following several sessions, she stopped denying the possibility of her child’s death, and started thinking of her future while he’s gone, which was a part of a healing process according to the psychiatrists.

The above story was one of several cases presented by the Pediatric Psychiatrist Dr. Suha, on a 3 day training workshop about “Prevention and Intervention in Early Childhood”, organized by BASR’s Psychosocial Intervention program. The training targeted 17 professionals working with children in governmental and civil society organizations in Bethlehem and Hebron districts, including rehabilitation therapists, optometrists and mental health professionals.

The training sessions encompassed intensive lectures and role plays on such topics as psychosocial needs during pregnancy, ensuring a good start in the relationships during the prenatal period, post partum difficulties, early interactions between the parents and their infant, normal vs. abnormal behaviors in early childhood, and early signs of psychological distress.

The training aimed at promoting the participants’ understanding of the interactions of early motherhood, and the attachment theory between the child and his mother, in order to improve their skills in counseling parents on early childhood distress.