Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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BASR’s Team Performs Advanced Surgeries and Saves Two Teenagers Shot by the Israeli Military Forces PDF Print E-mail


BASR’s medical team successfully saved the lives of two teenagers with severe injuries, shot by the Israeli military forces during clashes with Palestinian children near the separation wall in Bethlehem city, following several advanced reconstructive surgeries performed for jaw fractures and veins rupture.

The first child – at age of fourteen – from Bethlehem city, underwent a long and sophisticated surgery for fully reconstructing his upper and lower jaws and teeth that were totally shattered by a gas bomb that hit him on the face, while the other child – at age of sixteen – from Deheisheh Refugee Camp, was injured with seven fragments of a live bullet that penetrated his left thigh and ripped several veins. He underwent a delicate operation, during which BASR’s specialized surgeons managed to relink his veins.

It’s important to point out that BASR’s reconstructive surgery unit successfully performed several advanced surgeries related to amputated body parts, burn scars and congenital deformities. Such cases where previously referred to hospitals in Israel and abroad, whilst nowadays BASR team is capable of rendering such advanced services.