Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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BASR Organizes Two Social Gatherings for 220 People with Disabilities of Self-Help Groups PDF Print E-mail


With attentive looks soaring out of BASR’s buses and embracing the unlimited horizons, 220 people with disabilities, members of self-help groups, rode cheerfully from both Hebron and Bethlehem districts to participate in two social gatherings organized by BASR’s CBR program, one in Banana Land Park in Jericho city, and the other in Childhood Wellbeing Center in Hebron city.

The first journey to Banana Land Park was organized for 100 people with disabilities and their peers, and encompassed a full day of amusement games and physical contests, which concluded with a plenary session for discussing the barriers and negative attitudes of local communities that hinder the full participation of people with disabilities, in addition to expressing their feedback on such social gatherings and receiving stimulus rewards regarding the contests. “We took this journey to act in solidarity and support each other, because people with disabilities can prove to our society that they are able to be independent and productive”, stated the head of CBR program.

The second journey was organized by BASR for the self-help groups to the Childhood Wellbeing Center in Hebron district, in which 120 people with disabilities participated. The event included a play that simulated societal negative attitudes and negative terms used against people with disabilities. This is in addition to various recreational activities completed by raising a huge banner carrying different slogans written by the participants, demanding the protection of the rights of people with disabilities and manifesting such phrases as “We will defy our disability” and “Will the national disability related laws see the light soon?”.

Such gatherings aim at promoting inclusion among people with and without disability as well as raising awareness on the national and international rights of people with disabilities along with setting viable strategies to defend those rights.