Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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Ayham Given the Gift of Hearing the Sounds of Life PDF Print E-mail
When Ayham was born in February 2010 in Thahrieh district - south of Hebron, he found the entire world completely silent; even his dear mother was holding him with no words of love, only kind eyes and warm feelings but no words at all. He simply thought that’s the way our world is made of.
“I gave natural birth to Ayham at home; and after three months, I started worrying about his lack of response to sounds; but due to our financial hardships, we couldn’t take him to a doctor”, said the mother in concern, adding “after more than a year, I managed to take my son to outpatient clinics in the Hebron and Bethlehem districts, whereby following the assessment, doctors discovered that he had a hearing impairment and recommended him to visit BASR”.
Ayham’s journey began by undergoing an assessment process at BASR, whereby the audiology department performed hearing tests including tympanometry test, Auditory Brainstem Response test, Otoacoustic Emission Test and Aided test for measuring the level of patient’s benefit from hearing aids. Hence, the audiologist provided Ayham with bilateral hearing aids, whilst re-evaluated his condition on a weekly basis for four months.
Unfortunately Ayham continued not to respond to external auditory stimulation, and therefore BASR’s cochlear implantation team comprising ENT surgeon, speech and language therapist, audiologist, psychologist and the social worker, started studying his case. Following a thorough assessment, he was found a good candidate for cochlear implantation, as he had a normal motor and cognitive development for his age.
“The family was highly anxious at the beginning about such a critical surgery as cochlear implantation, but both me and my husband without hesitation put our faith in BASR’s cochlear implantation team, especially after getting to know about several complicated cases of children who successfully underwent the same surgery”, commented the mother in full determination.
The ENT surgeon, Dr. Jameel Qumsieh, described the surgery, pointing out “We were able to drill towards the inner ear very carefully for around three hours with a highly advanced driller to implant the cochlear device in the size of 0.5 ml. Our mission was accomplished and Ayham was ready to get his small world colored with sounds of life”.
Following the surgery, Ayham began to explore and cope with the intruder sounds, by making hard efforts to trap the words falling from his therapists’ lips, with a slow process of rehabilitation done via BASR’s cochlear implantation team.
Ayham passed half the way of rehabilitation until now. He gradually started understanding the language and distinguishing different voices. He uses more than 50 simple sentences now, and most certainly by the end of the long rehabilitation process, his language abilities will be consistent with his age.
The mother commented while embracing her child: “I feel so blessed. I now have the most valuable gift of listening to all little and big things in my child’s life”.