Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Lecture on “Infection Prevention, Control Standards, and Antibiotic Prophylaxis” PDF Print E-mail
“88% of Palestinian patients have high resistance to antibiotics, denoting a big threat to health mainly in north Palestine”, pointed out Dr. Fiona McGill, the specialist registrar in infectious diseases and medical microbiology from England, during a lecture held at BASR’s main facility for the medical and surgical staff, about “infection prevention, control standards, and antibiotic prophylaxis”.
The lecture focused on the importance of previewing the patient’s precise needs, before making up the decision to prescribe penicillin, in order to concentrate the efforts for decreasing the amount of antibiotic resistance among Palestinian patients.
On the other hand, the lecture addressed the universal precautions on hygiene, with emphases on the hospital environment, hand hygiene and the personal precautionary equipment, in order to protect the patients from infections.
At the end of the lecture Dr. McGill delivered closing remarks, reiterating that hand hygiene is imperative, the rational use of antibiotics is necessary, and raising awareness of the patients is substantive for adopting modern approach on infection control.