Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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BASR’s Cochlear Implants Team Celebrates Five Years of Successfully Restoring the Hearing of 63 Patients PDF Print E-mail

“My wife Samar lost her hearing when Israeli raids hit our neighborhood during the assault on Gaza in 2009. I took the permission to pass the crossings and bring her to BASR in Bethlehem, thus following a long process of surgery and rehabilitation by BASR’s cochlear implants team, upon which she returned to her normal life, and nowadays she runs her own hairdressing store”, said the husband overwhelmingly in front of 40 other families, who came with their children and relatives from different areas in the West Bank and Gaza strip, to celebrate five years of a unique achievement in treating 63 children and adults with hearing impairment until now, by BASR’s cochlear implants team.

The meeting, that took place at BASR’s main facility, also encompassed a plenary session on different attitudinal and environmental barriers facing the children who underwent cochlear implants surgeries, and the best ways to overcome those barriers and promote their inclusion in their local communities. “I wholeheartedly thank BASR’s staff for the considerable improvement of my child; however, he can’t be well included in a regular school yet, because his tutors don’t know how to cope with him. Despite BASR’s restoration of my child’s hearing, his tutors keep telling me to transfer him to a special school for pupils with hearing impairment”, one father commented, while other families were discussing how to lobby decision makers for developing quality education in public schools.

At the end of the festive meeting and in rejoice gestures, BASR’s team with the patients and their families celebrated the unique accomplishment of changing lives of children to a better future, “My lovely daughter, Yasmin, reads the Holly Quran out loud with clear pronunciation; and when her father comes home, she hears the car and rushes outside calling dad is back home)”, said the mother in glittering eyes, while watching her daughter playing with other children. On the other hand, Dr. Jamil Qumsieh, the head of ENT department, proclaimed in front of the gathering: “Our duty is not over yet; and with your support, we can recruit all the capacities to ensure that other vulnerable families will be reached in remote areas, and will receive the same treatment”.