Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Workshop on “Therapeutic Groups for Children: From Theory to Practice” Organized by BASR’s Psychosocial Intervention Program PDF Print E-mail

BASR’s Psychosocial Intervention Program organized a workshop on “Therapeutic Groups for Children: From Theory to Practice” in partnership with “Secours Populaire Francais (SPF)” from Lyon, targeting 40 representatives of local civil society institutions working in fields of mental health, occupational therapy and speech and language pathology.

The workshop, that was held at BASR main facility, encompassed several presentations by the participants on different experiences in therapeutic groups for children, whereby the Psychosocial Program presented two kinds of therapeutic groups based on the psycho-dynamic approach, using plasticine and stories with children with and without disability, in cooperation with Deheisheh and Obeidieh Local Committees. In addition, a therapeutic group based on cognitive behavioral approach was displayed by the Guidance and Training Centre for the Child and Family (GTC), using prevention mechanisms for children affected by their fathers’ psychological disorders.

The Palestinian Counseling Center (PCC) also presented various dynamics regarding therapeutic groups with several cases of children and teenagers with psychological disorders, while Halhul Mental Health Centre presented its experience in psychomotricity for children with developmental, behavioral and emotional disorders.

The workshop aimed at building collaboration among Palestinian mental health specialists and paved the way for launching a national conference in August next year in the presence of several French specialists and researchers, to set complementary theories on therapeutic groups for children with and without disability.