Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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BASR Welcomes 90 International and Local Students as Interns since the beginning of 2013 PDF Print E-mail



As part of building an international network of supporters to promote quality health care as well as skilled and qualified alumni in Palestine, BASR welcomed 30 international students from such countries as France, Belgium, UK and United States, in addition to 60 local students from various Palestinian universities, spending between 10 days to 3 months in different Surgical and Rehabilitation departments.

Each international student followed a different path to reach BASR. For Alexandra Hijazi, the Iranian student at St. George University in the UK, it was simply an unplanned trip; she just read about BASR in some magazine. Then she found out that a professor at her university formerly taught at Bethlehem University, so the professor gave her all the needed information, and after a while she arrived to BASR.

BASR provided all the international students with food and lodging, along with a full program of diverse activities. “Although I only spent ten days training at BASR, I did surgical and cardiac rounds; I went to the emergency room and learned how to place IV; I spent few days in the Radiology department and I fortunately observed 4 different surgical operations”, said Sara Abu-Nasser, a freshman student with Palestinian origin living in San Francisco in United States.

With unique experience delivered to both local and international students, Dania Issa, the physiotherapy intern from AL-Ahliah University commented: “BASR staff taught me about neurology and ophthalmology, and also helped me to render patients such exercises as balance, gait and passive and active therapies”. On the other hand, Alexandra talked about her experience: “By working in pediatrics with five children with different types of disability for the first time, I learned about the difference between typical and atypical child development and how to enhance children’s development through play”.

Moreover, BASR team members were keen to ensure friendly and open environment at work. “Since this is my first experience working in a hospital, I was reluctant and shy when I arrived here, but soon after, the openness of BASR staff encouraged me to integrate and adapt”, said Muna Abu Shaqra, a junior student at the Arab American University of Jenin from Um Al-Fahem.

Alongside the trainings, students had the chance to explore Palestinian cities, historical sites, and some Palestinian traditional occasions. “I didn’t experience such hospitality before, I admire the strong family and community connections in the Palestinian Society”, said Alexandra pleasantly. “People in London are misinformed about the reality and cause of the conflict, but when I came, I realized how Palestinians just try to live a peaceful life despite the occupation. Frankly, every one falls in love with Palestine within a week", she added.

BASR is to attract many foreign and local students in near future, especially a group of French youth, who will visit Palestine later this year through the partnership with Aubervilliers Municipality.