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Mohammad Overcomes a Fatal Accident Following Intensive Treatment by BASR Team PDF Print E-mail



Mohammad Daqdaq - at age of ten - rides a bicycle in balance and rolls around gracefully at the front yard in Al-Khader town in Bethlehem district, while his parents stand on the porch on a bright daytime, watching their son vibrant with enthusiasm for the first time after more than six months of a deadly road traffic accident that crushed Mohammad on 10th October, 2012.

“My boy was playing in the neighborhood when the ball rolled away towards the main street; he went to pick it up, and all of a sudden a speeding car hit him badly on his left side. I rushed out to see what happened, and there was Mohammad lying unconscious on the side of the road. I took him right away to Al-Mizzan Hospital in Hebron” the father said frowning.

Mohammad was in a coma, covered with severe injuries including traumatic brain injury, a fracture in the left shoulder, and spastic left hemiparesis (a part of cerebral palsy and neuromuscular condition of spasticity, where one side of the body is in a constant state of contraction). He spent 34 days at Al-Mizzan Hospital, where he was treated in the ICU and was inserted with tracheostomy for breathing and gastrostomy for feeding.

After one month of constant unrest and worries by the parents, Mohammad woke up but remained physically paralyzed. “The doctors told me Mohammad will have at least one permanent disability, either hemiplegia, vision impairment or speech and hearing disability”, the mother said fearfully.

“When Mohammad was referred by Al-Mizzan Hospital to BASR on 12 November 2012 for intensive rehabilitation, he had poor responses to simple orders, poor head control, no sitting balance, unable to control urine and stool, unable to speak and had no eye contact or eye follow”, the head of physiotherapy department at BASR mentioned.

Two months after follow up and treatment by BASR multidisciplinary team, during which Mohammad was enrolled in medical and nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, vision rehabilitation and psychosocial support, he began noticeably recovering, especially after removing both tracheostomy and gastrostomy. “When doctors took off the tubes, Mohammad called me in a whisper. He just brought me back to life”, the mother passionately said.

In time of discharge, Mohammad became able to understand all orders, having normal head control, sitting and standing balance, moving his left upper and lower limbs, speaking, hearing and seeing normally and also became able to walk without assistance and to control urine and stool. “We are so much thankful to BASR, our blessed son was born again regaining his abilities at BASR as prior to the accident; it’s a real miracle!”, both parents nodded with hope.

At present, the boy does not take any pills or attend any therapy sessions; he will just visit BASR one year later for re-evaluation. “Can you believe that Mohammad is nowadays good at school, active at home and even has the ability and patience to fast all days of the holy month of Ramadan, and also has the strength to ride a bicycle for more than 3 KM!”, the father concluded with a beam on his face.