Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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BASR Specialized Medical Team Performs a Unique Surgery to Transplant Amputated Fingers PDF Print E-mail



BASR Specialized medical team led by the Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ashraf Mish’al successfully saved a young man’s fingers that were totally amputated, after performing a unique reconstructive surgery for 10 hours at BASR Specialized Hospital.

“It was a long night work ended with an unexpected accident; I was distracted for just a fraction of the second when the wood-cutting machine pulled my hand and amputated four of my fingers” said Abdel Aziz Sarasrah, a young man from Deheisheh Camp in Bethlehem district working in a carpentry. “My coworkers dropped the amputated fingers in a plastic bag filled with cold water and rushed me to BASR Hospital”, he added.

When he arrived to BASR, Abdel Aziz was immediately taken to the operating theatre to undergo one of the most complicated surgeries ever done in Palestine. “We managed to transplant three of the four amputated fingers, because he lost a lot of blood; and from my experience, we would risk losing all four fingers if Abdel Aziz stayed more than 10 hours under surgery”, Dr. Mish’al commented.

After two weeks of the surgery, Abdel Aziz sat on the bed, while the nurse was dressing his wounded hand, and said with a drawn smile of hope on his face “I feel blessed to come to BASR, because otherwise I had to wait some time for a permission to cross the separation barrier and reach the Israeli hospitals, which may caused my amputated fingers to die”.

Abdel Aziz will keep visiting Dr. Mish’al at BASR for further treatment including another surgery for tendons and nerves connection, along with a couple of plastic surgeries and physiotherapy sessions.

According to Dr. Mish’al, people must pay high attention when such accidents occur by preserving the amputated organs in a cold and sterile environment, wrapping them up with wet cloth and putting them inside a clean bag to keep them alive as long as possible, which is often estimated at 6 – 8 hours.