Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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“Meet the Other” Conference at Aubervilliers to Promote Solidarity between French and Palestinian Youth PDF Print E-mail



BASR General Director, Edmund Shehadeh, attended a conference titled “Meet the other”, which was hosted by Aubervilliers Municipality in partnership with Aubervilliers Youth Council in France in July, for promoting solidarity and respecting diversity among French and Palestinian youth.

The conference was held by the Mayor of Aubervilliers Jacques Salvator and three of his deputies for disability, education, youth and sports, with the participation of French youth from various ethnicities as well as the Palestinian Psychotherapist, Hamid Salmi, and Mr. Shehadeh, who delivered a speech on BASR’s initiative for establishing the twinning between Beit-Jala and Aubervilliers municipalities, and on BASR’s hard work for promoting quality health care in Palestine.

After the conference, Mr. Shehadeh visited several French civil society organizations to help build an international network of supporters, upon which several French youth groups will visit Palestine later this year to join BASR’s network and volunteer to serve the Palestinian society and explore the Palestinian culture.