Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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5 years old Mustafa Zakzouk from Jenin district surrounded by his attentive physiotherapists and parents, who closely observe his laughs and pleasantly play with him. Swiftly, Mustafa skips the crowd turning his attention to the children ward and runs to play with the educational toys for the last time before leaving the BASR’s specialized hospital that he spent for around 8 months.

Luckily for him, Mustafa can’t clearly remember the horrific accident that led him to stay for one year in hospitals. It was a third day of Ramadan at noon when his father took him for a walk in Tubas town to buy some baklava, and all of a sudden a car ran into them and fled, hitting Mustafa and cornering his head  between a wall and a side of a truck, leaving him with severe injuries. It was an intentional accident to murder both of them due to family fight.

Mustafa entered in a coma with traumatic head injury and was rushed to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus to undergo several surgeries. “My son arrived to the hospital almost dead” his father nodded. Two months later he was referred to BASR, and after an inclusive assessment by the multidisciplinary team, it was indicated that he had Spastic Triparesis, sitting and standing imbalance, speech and cognitive difficulties, and vision impairment in the left eye, a daily intensive program was determined to him including medical care, psychosocial support, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and vision rehabilitation. “He was almost completely paralyzed” the mother wept in pain.

Following a daily hard work of BASR’s multidisciplinary team, and after providing Mustafa with ankle foot serial cast and orthosis, and hand function splint, he became realizing his disability, causing him to enter in a deep depression, where he lacked of appetite due to post-traumatic disorder. So both of the psychologist and social worker gave him play and art therapy sessions with recreational activities, helping him to become psychologically stable, and to adopt strong strategies to cope with his limitations.

In meantime the parents had many difficulties in accepting Mustafa’s new limitations, “Mustafa was independent and full of life before the accident, now we feel he’s a stranger, depending on us in everything and all the time” the father bent over in heavy words. But after many sessions with the social worker they regained confidence and learned how to cope with their child disabilities.

By the intervention, Mustafa started having good head control, static sitting and standing balance along with using simple words and clearly seeing in both eyes. The father expressed warmly “I’m genuinely grateful to BASR’s team, inspite of my financial restrictions they supported my son and gave him all the services, and now he walks and moves his hand independently”, then added in a groan “When Mustafa was admitted to BASR, he couldn’t recognize me, but now he almost regained all his memories”.

For a fleeting moment, the father looks at the head of physiotherapy department and with open arms says: “do you remember, when I first arrived with my son, you insisted that Mustafa will get out walking independently, and that day has come”. Both turn to a long corridor, where Mustafa holds his mother’s hand and slowly proceeds to the exit door.