Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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A Conference in Italy on the Achievements of Twining Project in Otolaryngology between BASR and Varese Hospital PDF Print E-mail

BASR General Director Edmund Shahedah attended a closing conference on “International Health Cooperation, an Example of Twining between Italy and Palestine”, which took place in the Hall of the Council of the Lombardy Region in Milan on 17th June, organized by CBM Italy and hosted by the Governorate of Lombardy Region.

The conference presented the results achieved by a 3 years twining project in otolaryngology between BASR and the Hospital of Varese in Italy, launched in 2009 to develop otolaryngology services and advanced surgeries including stapedectomy, eradication of tumors and chronic diseases in middle ear and mastoid bone, by providing training, supervision and advanced surgical equipment to BASR’s doctors.

The conference participants consisting of the Governor of Lombardy Region, the Medical Director of Varese Hospital, CBM General Director and the Head of International Relations and Cooperation, were very proud of the achieved success by BASR team, as well as the efficiency and transparency they enjoy.

Following two years of significant achievement, the twining program was expanded for another year, breaking new ground for advanced medicine in Palestine, where the Palestinian patients don’t have to wait anymore in long queues to get permission for crossing the imposed siege and accessing medical services in Israel; they can nowadays enjoy accessible and affordable services at BASR in Bethlehem.

As such BASR became the first and only hospital in whole Palestine to perform such advanced surgeries in ENT, effecting large scale of children and adult patients.