Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Inclusive Summer Camp for Children in Obeidieh Organized BASR’s CBR Program PDF Print E-mail

BASR’s CBR organized an inclusive summer camp at Obeidieh Regional Committee for Rehabilitation center for 10 days, targeting 30 children with different kind of disabilities and 40 other children without disability at the age of 6-15, under supervision of guides from BASR along with a number of volunteers.

The summer camp comprised educational activities alongside entertaining games, tackling the fundamental rights of children with disability including right to education, play and integrate in social life.

The camps’ daily program consisted of 5 corners, where all children rotated every one hour. Those corners included free play in the educational toys library, drama session for promoting children to write short stories and perform plays, besides of the educational corner that encouraged children to write a cultural journal about their basic rights.

In the same vein the BASR team helped the children in both artifacts and clipart corners to produce art pieces, compose music, and play folklore, for displaying all the work at the final ceremony before their families, whom were very pleased of the camp achievements.

Such camps aim at breaking the ice and enhancing inclusion between both children with disability and without disability, as well as raise awareness and increase cooperation among children, in addition to prompting families to overcome their fears and worries for accepting inclusion and paying attention to change the negative trends among their children.


A child with motor impairment exercises on composing musical piece to perform it at the final ceremony
A little girl learning to produce a piece of art in the artifacts corner
Children playing with one of the guides in the Educational Toys Library
Children drawing paintings for the exhibition set at the final ceremony