Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Workshop on National Inclusion Plan for Children with Visual Impairment PDF Print E-mail




The Parents of children with vision impairment association met again at BASR for a one day workshop that targeted 24 parents of children with visual disabilities from different districts of the West Bank. The workshop was led by CBM visiting consultant, Ms. Maria Candido, aimed to build the knowledge of the members of the Parents Association on Inclusion issues in order to gain their support and contribution in terms of advocating for the rights of children with visual disability. The one day workshop covered topics on the Fundamental rights of children in Education for all, Inclusive Education for children with visual disabilities, what a child with visual disability is expected to face after leaving a Special School. The association which is now going through the registration process was first initiated with the encouragement of BASR’s vision rehabilitation department. BASR is continuing to support the association through capacity building programs and trainings to enable parents of children with impaired vision to have more autonomy and start with their advocacy plans on the rights of people with visual disability.