Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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Third "Capacity Building and Empowerment WorkshkopTargeting Young People with Visual Impairment in Palestine" PDF Print E-mail


Twenty-two people with visual impairment from different parts of the west bank participated in the third workshop aiming at building participants’ capacities to assume a leading role in society and advocate their rights. 

The workshop, organized by BASR and supported by the Finnish Federation of the visually impaired, covered the following topics:

  The Palestinian Law No. 4/99 on the rights of persons with disabilities and the need to “link” them with the reality experienced by persons with disabilities.

  Introduction to the UNCRPD in terms of concept and principles

After long discussions the participants suggested the establishment of a General Federation of Persons with Disabilities. The Federation, set to be run by people with disabilities, would address the disability issue from the human rights perspective.