Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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"The Right of People with Disability to Accessible Public Transport" PDF Print E-mail


Tekou’ s self-help group organized a workshop targeting a number of public transportation drivers, Tekou municipality, Tekou police department, Tekou youth council, representatives of civil society organizations and other self-help groups.

This workshop tackled violations of the right of people with disabilities to accessible public transportation in Tekou area. People with disabilities are denied access to public transport and are discriminated against by the taxi drivers on the basis of their disability. At the end of the workshop, the fifty participants, together with the Tekou self help group made the following recommendations:

  To organize lectures and workshops for public transportation drivers to raise their awareness of the right of people with disability to access public transportation, and their social responsibility towards people with disabilities as all other citizens.

  To activate the role of duty bearers to find solutions for this problem.

  To raise public awareness about the rights of people with disabilities through meetings and printed material.

  To hold regular meetings to monitor change concerning violations of the right of people with disabilities to access public transport on equal footing with other citizens.