Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Early Mother-Child Interactions; Psychosocial Well Being of Toddlers with Emphasis on Children with Disability Training Held at BASR PDF Print E-mail



Fourteen psychologists and social workers participated in the 3-day training organized by BASR in coordination with the Palestinian Union of Social Workers and Psychologists and with the support of the Palestinian Health Sector Reform and Development Project.

The training was organized to help participants understand the normal and pathological patterns of mother-child interactions, sensitize them to the theory of attachment, allow them to identify psychological needs of a baby (particularly a baby with disability) and of his/her parents and provide them with the right tools to propose an effective guidance to parents when it comes to early childhood disorders.

The training was based on theoretical knowledge with active participation of the trainees in the form of frequent debates. Role plays were used in order to help the trainees understand the issues at stake when parents consult childhood professionals. Role plays focused on thumb sucking, eating disorders, separation anxiety and post partum difficulties.