Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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Belgian Delegations visit BASR PDF Print E-mail


A High-level political delegation headed by Wilfried Martens, President of the European People’s Party and the former Prime Minister of Belgium, and Mr. Nicolas Briec, Secretary of External Relations at European People's Party, visited BASR to learn more about the political situation and its impact on the health sector in the Palestinian territories.


A meeting was held to discuss how to improve the health sector in Palestine through the development of health institutions and the creation of partnerships with the Belgian universities in order to train doctors on new specialties and build capacity of medical staff in line with the needs of the Palestinian citizens.


Another Belgian delegation headed by Exc. Carlo Di Antonio, Culture and heritage minister of Walloon Government, visited BASR to be updated on BASR’s latest developments and the progress made in the programs supported by APEFE and the County of Hainaut. After a tour in Bethlehem to get a firsthand experience of the Palestinian struggle with closure and Israeli occupation practices, the delegation visited Dura Rehabilitation Center, which was opened a year ago in cooperation with APEFE.


BASR is always active in receiving international delegations (including tourists groups) to introduce people to the Palestinian situation and culture and the successful models like BASR in promoting peace, neutrality and coexistence.