Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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A delegation from CBM, BASR’s strategic partner, including; the Director of CBM – Germany, Dr. Rainer Brockhaus, Regional Director of CBM – EMR, Ms. Tanja Kern and Program Development Officer at CBM – EMR, Ms. Stefanie Heil visited the Palestinian territories to be introduced to BASR’s different programs, including those supported by CBM in Palestine, and their impact on beneficiaries.


BASR’s General Director, Mr. Edmund Shehadeh, and Director of Program Development, Ms. Rima Canawati, met with the delegation and briefed them on the latest developments at BASR and its future plans.


Mr. Shehadeh thanked the guests for their interest in visiting Palestine as it presented an opportunity for them to appreciate the reality of disability in the Palestinian territories and a chance to learn more about the difficulties and challenges faced by people with disabilities, especially under occupation and the isolation policy practiced by Israel. Such circumstances make the provision of quality accessible services a difficult task for institutions working in the field of disability.

The delegation visited BASR’s facilities to learn more about the programs and services it runs. They also visited a number of community based centers and facilities that BASR established and continues to develop and support. Such facilities included inclusive education settings at the community day-care centers in villages and refugee camps, the inclusive education kindergarten recently piloted in Beit-Jala, the resource unit for students with vision impairment at Bethlehem University, Ghirass Cultural Center and Al-Basma vocational training center in Beit-Sahour, where they were impressed with the drama sketches performed by young people with intellectual disabilities.


The delegation also met with self-help groups of people with disabilities in Teqou’ in the Bethlehem district and Dura in the Hebron district, where they were received by the Mayor of Teqou’ and the members of Dura Municipal Council.


The groups talked about the challenges they face and the initiatives and achievements they have made to highlight disability issues at the community and national levels. They also thanked CBM and BASR for their constant support in building their capacity to enable them to advocate their rights at all levels.

This visit reinforces BASR’s orientation towards strengthening cooperation and partnership with local and international institutions to promote access of people with disabilities to services and capacity development opportunities. Such efforts promote their inclusion and equal participation as productive members of their society.