Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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BASR organized a meeting for parents of children who received electronic cochlear implants. This meeting aimed to raise awareness about the options people with hearing impairment can consider to overcome their hearing impairment. BASR also organized a press conference, where several national TV and radio stations were present including Palestine TV, Mix TV, Nativity TV and others.

The ENT department at BASR performed 12 cochlear implants last year for children from different parts of the West Bank. The 12 beneficiaries are currently undergoing a comprehensive rehabilitation program. A number of the beneficiaries concerned started recognizing voices, responding when their name is called, recognizing sounds, and responding to simple commands and most importantly using some words to express some of their basic needs.

BASR is making strenuous efforts to provide advanced services that could improve the life quality of people with disabilities. Today, cochlear implants are considered the most advanced method for restoring the hearing ability to children and adults suffering from severe and profound hearing loss.