Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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The Circus of Palestine presents a performance for 80 children and their parents at Ghirass Center PDF Print E-mail


As part of the cooperation project between Ghirass Cultural Center and the Circus of Palestine, they performed a show titled “dreams for sale “for 80 children and parents at Ghirass Center.

The show portrayed a journey through the conflicting demands the students face; namely their circus dreams; and their financial “real life” responsibilities. Neither society nor their families accept the idea of circus arts; yet the students are determined to change their reality and to pursue their dreams. The performance conveys this experience in a simple way: comedy and tragic scenes happening between a small shop owner in Jenin and his clients, who come looking for their dreams in the shop. The idea of making this production emerged from the Circus school belief that it can offer new opportunities for children and youth in Palestine and provide them with a platform to communicate their thoughts, ideas and internal struggles.

The show is currently being performed in refugee camps, villages and cities all over the West Bank.