Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Dura Self Help group celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities PDF Print E-mail



Dura self-help group organized a remarkable event on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities attended by people with disabilities and their families, community members as well as representatives of the Directorates of Education and Health and other relevant organizations. The group worked together with BASR, Palestinian Red Crescent Society and Dura Municipality on arranging an array of activities that were representative of the efforts the group made and the skills they have gained.

The self-help group presented a talk reviewing the harsh reality of persons with disabilities and reflecting the desired situation based on a human rights perspective. Relevant organizations talked about the services they provide and stressed their commitment to improve the situation of persons with disabilities.


Dura self-help group managed to effectively network with relevant stakeholders and place themselves as key actors in the activities and plans of the southern region of the Hebron district; “Dura self-help group will be engaged in the upcoming event organized for the 25th of December to honor creative students with disabilities” the Directorate of Education representative said. The group also prepared a drama sketch which was written and performed by the group members themselves. The sketch depicted the discrimination that persons with disabilities regularly face in society, even at home.

The event’s greatest highlight was when Muhammad Shahatit, a 17 year old student with a physical disability, performed with great talent gymnastic moves impressing the audience and fueling people with disabilities to overcome the obstacles they face and develop their potentials and talents.


Teqou’ self-help group also celebrated the International Day of People with Disabilities in a festivel organized under the auspices of Teqou’ Mayor and Teqou’ youth sport center. The event encompassed different arts, musical, folkloric dancing and drama performances by people with and without disabilities and was attended by people with disabilities, their families and relevant civil society and governmental organizations. As a result of the group’s lobbying efforts, Teqou’ mayor assured the group in his speech of his commitment to work on modifying homes entrances of people with disabilities

on the other hand, Ithna self-help group organized an exhibition of the handicrafts made by people with disabilities. The handicrafts were admired by attendees who complimented the talents of people with disabilities. Ithna group also prepared a Mural with paintings of several people with disabilities puzzled together around the theme of “equal rights for all”.


BASR’s empowerment and capacity building program targeting self-help groups of persons with disabilities has yielded fruitful results, as they have become self-advocates and agents of change in their communities.