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Meeting for Parents of People with Visual Impairment from Different Parts of the West Bank PDF Print E-mail


BASR’s vision rehabilitation department organized a meeting for 47 parents of children with visual impairment from different districts of the West Bank at its main premises in Beit-Jala.


The aim of the parents’ meeting was to raise awareness and support families by offering them the platform to share their personal experiences, challenges, ideas and knowledge on visual impairment.


During the meeting, BASR’s head of vision rehabilitation department gave a presentation about the services BASR’s vision rehabilitation department provides to people with visual impairment and explained methods which parents can use to improve their children’s developmental skills, sensory, motor, language, cognitive and social skills.


In the meeting, M.H - a fresh graduate from Bethlehem University with an honour degree in Mathematics- who was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa - shared her experience with the attending parents “I have never gone to a special school for the visually impaired and I advise each family to integrate their children with visual impairment in regular schools, especially if the child receives the needed rehabilitation and is provided with the appropriate assistive devices at an early age”.


Some parents expressed their worries and concerns about the teaching methods or the way teachers deal with children with visual impairment in regular schools and thought that regular schools in the west bank are not fully prepared or trained to support such students.


Sharing their experiences triggered the parents to start a “Parents Committee for Children with Impaired Vision” for the West Bank area. The parents group decided that this committee’s main task would be to advocate children’s rights and work towards changing people’s attitudes towards visual impairment. The committee consists of 11 volunteering parents from different parts of the West Bank. These committee members expressed their willingness to meet again on December 21st at BASR to discuss the next steps towards establishing a Parents Association and having it registered by the Ministry of Interior in order to start its activities. They will then present the outcomes of their discussions to the larger parents’ group during their next meeting at BASR on February 15th 2012.