Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Early Intervention Training Course Held at BASR PDF Print E-mail

BASR, in cooperation with the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (FFVI), organized a 4-day training workshop for 15 participants comprising 13 kindergarten teachers from 6 special schools for the visually impaired in the West Bank and 2 vision rehabilitation instructors from BASR.


The trainers from the FFVI, Mrs. Sari Tarvonen and Mrs. Annika Tyynysniemithe, covered topics related to what and how we see, how to describe to a visually impaired child the personal tools, 3 D pictures/ items and maps. Other topics included how to improve the child’s senses, how to move safely in his/ her own space and reach things and meaningful language and communication.


The training used both theoretical and practical methods, where all the participants played the role of a child with visual impairment by covering their eyes or using low vision glasses in order to better understand how a child with visual impairment can manage his/her daily activities, moving around, dealing with the curriculum. Each teacher made simple materials that can be used to help a child with impaired vision to improve his/her developmental skills.


At the end of the training, the participants together with the trainers made the following conclusions concerning the training:

- The importance of determining the needs of each child after receiving a clear diagnosis of his/her vision function and his/ her individual needs

- The importance of understanding the abilities that each child has and the importance of using verbal descriptions more specifically in order to make things around the child environment easy and clear.

- The importance of exchanging experiences among participants.