Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Outdoor activities for Self Help Groups PDF Print E-mail

Dura, Ithna, Teqou’ self help groups participated in an empowerment and recreation day at Murad Tourist Resort in the Bethlehem district, organized by BASR with the generous support of CBM. 62 participants enjoyed the different team building and leisure activities including singing, playing music and different team building games that were planned and carried out by the group members themselves and BASR's disability rights officer. With self-confidence and pride, each of the three groups presented their achievements and successful advocacy initiatives to the other groups.

“Thanks to BASR and CBM for giving us the opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from one another’s achievements”, said a young woman with disability.

“It was an eye opener for us to know about the successful advocacy initiatives of Dura self help group which we shall replicate in Ithna”, said one of Ithna self help group members.

BASR aims to contribute to the personal development and empowerment of all individuals with disabilities by offering them equal opportunities to participate in social, cultural and leisure activities.