Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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In cooperation with the Bethlehem Sports Club of the Disabled (BSCD), Bethlehem Arab Society For Rehabilitation (BASR) organised the second capacity building and empowerment workshop for 50 young persons with visual impairment from different districts of the West Bank at its main premises in Beit-Jala.

This capacity building component, funded by the Finish Federation of the Visually Impaired (FFVI) as part of a project for “Empowerment of Palestinian People with Visual Impairment and Promoting their Inclusion in Society”, started on September 16th followed by another workshop on October 22nd 2011.

Building on the previous one, this workshop focused on the concept and definition of a community and its components, problem identification, lobbying and advocacy and its mechanisms.

During the workshop, participants split into working groups, where they identified a major problem faced by people with visual impairment in each district and its causes as well as the mechanisms that can be used for setting up an influential advocacy initiative in their local communities.

The workshop concluded by stressing the importance of putting this knowledge and skills into practice by participants taking the lead in influencing all relevant stakeholders to implement the disability related laws and policies, which in turn contributes to improving their life conditions, and promoting their inclusion in society.