Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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Ghiras cultural center conducts a training course on learning disabilities PDF Print E-mail


Ghiras cultural center started a training program for twenty teachers from Bethlehem and Hebron districts on learning disabilities and methods for improving the academic achievement of children with learning disabilities.


The training course was conducted by the director of Ghiras center, Ms. Ibtisam Zghayar, and the inclusive education supervisor at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Akram Abu Alia. This training program will provide forty training hours on types of learning disabilities and the stages of child development:cognitive, emotional, social, etc. in addition to providing practical training on improving the performance of the mental processes (attention, perception, memory, and thinking). The following training sessions will also discuss types and prevalence of learning disabilities and its repercussions on the Palestinian society, the difference between learning difficulties, slow learning, academic delay and intellectual disability and related appropriate special educational intervention.


At the end of this training program, the teachers will receive a certificate issued by Ghiras center, the Ministry of Education and BASR