Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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Through its CBR program, BASR, with CBM support, has been increasingly working on building the capacities of persons with disabilities as self-advocates for their rights in their local communities. Teqou’ self help group made activating the participation of people with disabilities in community centers and organizations a priority  and have been working intensively to attract organizations and centers to support and advocate disability issues. Teqou self help group together with the BASR’s disability rights officer conducted a workshop titled “Role of Community Organizations in Advocating Disability Rights”

Two women won elections and became board members of Teqou’ women’s center which has been working for 16 years in the field of raising awareness about gender issues and small project management. With the support of the BASR’s disability rights officer, Teqou’ self help group set several meetings with the center as they believed in the change they could do through the center in the lives of women with disabilities in the area. The group focused on how the center should expand its services and customize some of which to suit women with disabilities needs in the area. The center became very responsive to the group’s requests and asked the group members to run for the center’s administrative board’s elections. Two women from the group were elected as board members and promised to work tirelessly on training and reducing unemployment amongst women with disabilities and advocating the rights of people with disabilities in general and women with disabilities in particular.