Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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Through CBM support, BASR has been building the capacities of persons with disabilities as self-advocates for their rights in their local communities. Through its CBR program, BASR, with CBM support, has been working progressively to build the capacities of persons with disabilities as self-advocates for their rights in their local communities. They have been trained in different topics including community awareness, communication skills, local and international laws, and setting up influential advocacy initiatives.

Issa Abu Zneid is a person with visual impairment who is now 18 years old. Throughout his lifetime, he has been suffering as other persons with disabilities from a set of attitudinal and physical barriers that obstruct their striving for interaction and participation in their communities. Consequently, he dropped out of school after 9th grade. Issa has lost his sight both physically due to his impairment and attitudinally due to potential underestimation of his capabilities.

Despite these hardships, Issa was able to draw his own direction. He considered education as an empowering tool that could create a difference in his life. It was not easy at all for him to access education in such an unsupportive environment. However, he was courageous enough to persevere and made use of the opportunity to be a member in Dura self-help group that is supported by BASR’s Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program.

Dura self-help group started to practice advocacy efforts. They made their mind to overcome all obstacles and reintegrate Issa in high school. They met several times with the relevant decision makers to convince them to accept Issa in the new scholastic year. The advocacy efforts of Dura self-help group succeeded in helping Issa fulfill his aspirations and enjoy the right to education on equal footing with his peers.

The school principal was not only convinced of Issa’s right to education, but he was also committed to facilitate his inclusion by making the necessary adaptations and providing him with the curriculum in Braille.

Right now, Issa, the new classmate, is sitting in class with his peers, having equal opportunity for education, full of hope and determination to achieve his promising future plans.