Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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Four other successful cochlear implant surgeries at BASR PDF Print E-mail

Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation conducted four electronic cochlear implants for children - between the age of 2 and 4- suffering from different hearing problems. After a number of tests performed by the specialized E.N.T team, the operations proved to be successful as the cochlear devices received the audio signals effectively.

A comprehensive five years rehabilitation program is planned for beneficiaries to help them utilize the auditory signal and to naturally integrate the various components of communication including listening, speech, language, reading and thinking. BASR’s cochlear implant program takes every aspect of the child’s auditory, developmental, and social health into account in order to facilitate the child’s integration in her/his environment.

Cochlear implantation is a life-changing procedure to many patients with hearing losses who did not successfully manage with other well-fit assistive hearing devices. The cochlear implant procedure opens a new communication gateway, allowing beneficiaries to participate appropriately in the daily activities and social situations.