Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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Iftar Dinner at BASR PDF Print E-mail


Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation’s Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team organized a Ramadan dinner, which was attended by 160 employees, trainees, volunteers and hospitalized patients and their companions.


Mr. Mousa Darwish, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees gave a speech in which he welcome the staff and all the attendees and expressed his gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts made by employees to serve the Palestinian people. Mr. Darwish said this annual Iftar promotes the ongoing communication and strengthens social ties between the Senior Leadership Team and staff which contributes in providing a positive environment at the work place.


Mr. Abdul Mohdi Radwan; head of the staff committee gave a speech in which he thanked the board of trustees and its Senior Leadership Team for the event stressing that BASR’s staff will continue to make every possible effort to keep BASR  as a national leader in providing quality services to Palestinian people.