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Six Summer Camps Completed During July, 2011 PDF Print E-mail


BASR had successfully supported organizing three inclusive summer camps at Dheisheh, Alkhadir, and Nahalin while the CBR program together with local authorities and other local NGOs had organized three other inclusive summer camps at Al-Douha, Dura and Kharas. Five hundred and fifty four children between the ages of 4 and 16  participated at those camps, one hundred and seventy four of which were children with disabilities.


Summer camps at BASR are designed based on promoting the right to play and aimed at providing the participating children with access to quality summer camp experience. Summer camps allow children both disabled and non-disabled to freely participate on their own. Those camps help children to extend a sense of themselves as talented and skillful individuals.



Some of the activities at those camps included field trips to visit historical sites, art works and handicrafts, dancing and Dabkeh classes, singing, drama activities and storytelling. Special focus was given to raising awareness about disability issues such as emotional abuse and neglect of children with disability. While participants feel they have been attending camps for having fun, the fun activities were designed to prepare and equip them with the necessary daily living skills of socialization and cooperation.