Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Seven Successful Ear Surgeries at BASR PDF Print E-mail


Three Baha surgeries and four Cochlear implant surgeries were performed at the Specialized Rehabilitation and Surgery Hospital of Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation during the third week of July for beneficiaries suffering from hearing loss and impairments.

Dr. Jamil Qumsiyeh - head of the ENT department- said that Baha surgery is an innovative technology through which a kind of titanium “post” is implanted in the ear bone. A receiver is installed in the ear afterwards. The receiver is responsible for the reception and amplification of the sound and for its transfer, in the form of acoustic vibrations, to the auditory nerve in the same ear or, in the event that the same ear is completely impaired, in the other ear.

There are several phases the patient goes through before the operation. The process starts with a number of audio tests for the patient to ensure the suitability of the surgery for the beneficiary. The beneficiary will stay for 4 – 12 weeks under monitoring to make sure that the titanium post is in place, and no complications will interfere with the installation of the sound receiver.

Dr. Qumsiyeh added that Baha operations are meant for those patients suffering from severe hearing loss and do not benefit from hearing aids due to chronic inflammation or broken auditory ossicles in the middle ear. Patients suffering from congenital malformation in the ear flap or occlusion of the external auditory canal as well as those with severe sensorineural hearing loss one ear with normal hearing in the other ear can benefit from the Baha surgeries as well

The Baha surgery is a pioneering technique that helps beneficiaries avoid discomfort that might be caused by hearing aids as well as any inflammation or stiffness of the ear canal.

The Baha surgeries took place for the first time at the specialized rehabilitation and surgeries hospital at BASR. The recent surgeries and advancements in the ENT department are a quantum leap in the medical services rendered to people with hearing disabilities in Palestine, especially children, who are given back the opportunity to participate in all aspects of life, facilitating their integration in education, without substantial differences from their peers.