Monday, 19 Aug 2019
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Eight More Successful Middle Ears Surgical Operations at BASR in the Past Two Days PDF Print E-mail

The medical team at Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation- Beit Jala- performed several specialized surgical operations that treat the causes leading to hearing impairment, including the Stapedectomy surgery in partnership with Ospedale di Circolo di Varese in northern Italy. 

Dr. Jamil Qumsieh, Head of the ENT Department explained that these types of operations are undertaken in Palestine for the first time. He pointed out; that several operations were performed  including tympanoplasty and myringoplasty, which are surgical operations done for the reconstruction of the eardrum, eradication of the benign tumors from the middle ear besides operations of chronic inflammation of the middle ear and the ear bone. “These surgical operations contribute to improving hearing capabilities for the patients suffering from hearing impairment and chronic middle ear infections”: said Dr. Qumsieh.  

In the past two days, the medical team performed 8 surgeries at BASR supervised by Dr. Guglielmo Romano, ENT specialist at Ospedale di Circolo. During the past months, the medical team checked several cases that suffer from problems resulting in hearing impairment and require surgical interventions. One of the successful operations was performed to a man from Nablus. He was suffering from hearing impairment due to Otosclerosis. He regained his hearing capability after an operation lasted half an hour and he was able to walk away and leave the hospital after few hours.

Dr. Qumsieh stressed the importance of supporting the Palestinian medical cadre with international expertise and advanced supplies necessary to provide high quality services to Palestinian patients in the field of ENT surgeries, through capacity building programs that improve their professional skills to cope with medical advances. He said, a good example of this is the advanced training given to BASR’s ENT team in Italy in the advanced surgeries of the Middle Ear and equipping the hospital with the latest medical supplies in Ear Surgeries, throughout the medical twinning between the Ospedale di Circolo and BASR.