Sunday, 25 Aug 2019
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Life Changing Surgeries for People with Hearing Impairment at BASR PDF Print E-mail

Families of the three patients who received Cochlear implants

The Ears, Nose, and Throat (E.N.T) Department, BASR is now proud to inform people with hearing impairment that the cochlear devices that were implanted to patients last month have been highly successful. This has been proven after several tests were carried out by the medical team.

Dr. Jamil Qumsieh the head of the E.N.T department said that the cochlear implant surgeries conducted pursuant to licenses that are internationally adopted. He stated that these surgeries have been conducted in the attendance of international specialists from Brussels Academy for Cochlear Implant to monitor the surgeries’ performance, ensure the quality of the devices used, and issue success certificates of these operations adding that these surgeries also have been registered for the E.N.T team at the Academy.

Dr. Qumsieh pointed out that the E.N.T department is currently equipped with the most developed medical supplies in this field. The ENT department uses the Freedom 24 cochlear device, which is characterized by its ability to provide up to 98% of hearing. The device is also adaptable to new additions in the future without the need for other surgery.

The E.N.T team which consists of a specialist doctor, audiologist, speech and language therapist, psychologist, and medical engineer has received advanced training courses at Varese Hospital in Italy about the different phases of the cochlear implant. These phases include intensive medical checkups to ensure the patient’s suitability for conducting the surgeries. The rehabilitation process that starts after the operation is a comprehensive one which lasts for approximately 5 years.

The cochlear implant project at BASR is a significant progress in the quality of medical services rendered to people with hearing impairment in Palestine, and an important step towards the inclusion of people with disability in the community specially children in order to enable them to join educational programs.